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Family Connection – Daniel and the Lions’ Den

In the car...

Challenge Verse
Daniel 6
Weekly Verse
Daniel 6:16b

Today’s lesson – Daniel 6

Daniel was well known around Babylon as an honest man and a man of integrity. Daniel was known for these things because he stood out above the rest, and that was because of his faith in the Lord. As you drive around, can you see anybody driving well? Point them out and explain why they are a good driver, comparing them to others who are speeding, not using their turn signal, running red lights, etc. Discuss how people can recognize you by your car and by how you drive. Explain that because you follow the rules, it makes people feel safer.

At home...

Read Daniel 6

Daniel was going to be given the governorship of the empire! That’s huge, because he came to Babylon as a prisoner of war! But because he followed God and was upstanding, the king could trust him. That also made him a target for others. They wanted to make him mess up. They didn’t like that he seemed better than them, so they wanted him to mess up in front of the king.

Have you ever been picked on because of your faith? Has someone wanted to get you in trouble because they thought you were too “good”?

Around the table...

Daniel was to be thrown into the lion’s den because he continued to pray to God and not to the king. This was a failed trick by the other men. But when you think of it, it meant they knew that Daniel’s devotion to God was strong. So much so that he was predictable. Daniel was so predictable that his faith was all these men could think of to use against him. Although Daniel was predictably dependent on God, the men didn’t account for God actually stepping in and helping him.

In which ways is your faith predictable? Share different ways that people can depend on your faith to be seen.

GO DEEPER: Talk about trials. When have you needed to rely on your faith?

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