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Family Connection – David & Goliath

Memory Verse: Exodus 7:6

Challenge Verse: 1 Sam. 16:7b
Practice Video: t.ly/7TXP

In the car...

Today’s lesson – David and Goliath

The HIS-story of David is one we might be familiar with. God chose David to be king after Saul. David showed his trust in the almighty God by facing a giant! David gave God the glory after defeating the giant. Discuss in the car how we can rely on God in “giant” circumstances. Try to pick out some scenarios dealing with your destination (school, home, church, sports, etc.).

Also, discuss relying on God in “small” circumstances — how we rely on God to keep us safe while driving, how we pray for the other drivers around us to be safe, etc. Take a moment and lift up the people around you in prayer.

At home...

Read 1 Samuel 16-17

The mighty power of God was shown through David. David being chosen as king is a great place to focus. David was not even considered by his father to be a candidate. He left him in the fields to do what he did best, watch over the sheep. BUT, that is exactly what God needed! Somebody humble enough to watch and care for HIS flock.

Discuss how we might overlook certain tasks that we might be called to complete. We might take the approach of Jesse and overlook our own skills and dismiss the task as “NOT for me.” Take a moment and talk about different times that you felt unskilled for the task. Take a moment and talk about how God can use your character/skills.

Around the table...

David brings his brothers something to eat on the frontlines of battle! I really think this a cool part of this HIS-story. When Jesse sent David, David did not tell his father, “No, I’m too scared.” David pops up and goes to the frontlines. Then his courage is pronounced again when he stands up to his brothers about the reactions to Goliath! It comes into play with King Saul, too. And finally, when walking onto the battlefield to face Goliath!

David had practice trusting in God so much that it was a part of his every movement and decision making. Discuss a moment when you felt courage from the Lord. Discuss how you practice having faith in God and His plans. Talk about how you can involve one another in your faith walk and practice encouraging one another.

GO DEEPER: Take a moment and talk about times when you were too scared and did not lean on your faith. Celebrate the times you did and set a plan of encouragement!

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