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Family Connection – David Is King

Memory Verse: 2 Sam. 2:4b

Challenge Verse: Proverbs 16:3
Practice Video: t.ly/_Bnu

In the car...

Today’s lesson – David is king

Today we discussed the moment David became king. David was already anointed king; he knew that he was to be the next king of Israel. Saul had strayed from God and from giving Him all the glory for being king (just as God knew it would happen and warned the Israelites to not take a king). David knew the Lord’s plan but didn’t rush it. He let it go as God had planned.

As you drive, discuss feeling rushed or in a hurry. As we get in a hurry we try to make things happen. Usually, it doesn’t work out the best. Think of the car that zips in and out of traffic but then hits a red light and you end up next to that car at the light without having zipped in and out of traffic!

At home...

Read 2 Samuel 1 & 2

When you read the account of Saul’s death, you read that the shield bearer did not want to kill Saul because he was still the king of Israel. There was still a reverence for the king, even though he had turned from God and led his army into a ferocious battle with the Philistines. The people noticed that the Lord had departed Saul but they did not lash out because he was still on the throne and the “anointed” king.

Talk about times you’ve had to obey an authority figure even though you might not have completely agreed with the command. Maybe you didn’t follow the command. Explain why.

Around the table...

David rejoiced and praised God for making him king. But this was God’s plan ALL along. When we look back we see the bloodline of David being developed through Ruth and Boaz and their hearts for God (David was a king that followed after God’s heart). And the promise that our Savior would come through David’s bloodline was fulfilled. God’s promises are true and He has a greater plan than we can see!

Discuss a time when you rejoiced and praised God for seeing a promise fulfilled.

GO DEEPER: We find out that the man who brought to David Saul’s crown and arm band lied about putting the king to death. He was killed for murdering the king. Discuss as a family why what he did was wrong.

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