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Family Connection – Esther

In the car...

Challenge Verse
Jeremiah 29:11-12
Weekly Verse
Esther 4:14

Today’s lesson – Esther

Today we talked about Esther. Esther was just a girl when she was adopted by Mordecai. Mordecai always wanted the best for Esther and raised her to follow the Lord. When the king called for a new queen, Esther was chosen! But it was unknown to the king that she was a Jew, a follower of the Lord. Esther was being placed as queen by God to make some big changes in the king’s life and in the kingdom.

Discuss using a position to do good. As you drive around town, talk about preparing to make turns or being observant of other drivers and what they might do. Talk about how God does the same things in our life. He prepares us for things that will happen in our lives. He sets us up for good and He hopes we make the right choice.

At home...

Read Esther 3-6

Mordecai did not comply with the order of bowing to Haman because Haman was not God. Mordecai was keeping the Law and Haman did not like that at all. It made him angry that Mordecai would defy him for God. After the decree, Esther did a BOLD move: she met with the king. After a couple of dinners she told the king that she served the same God as Mordecai and was a Jew that was going to be destroyed because of Haman’s plot. This was bold because the outcome could go either way. The king could’ve destroyed Esther, but Esther trusted that God had put her as queen for a bigger purpose. Her trust was rewarded — the Jews were not destroyed and God was glorified.

Discuss a time when you might’ve been put in a position to glorify God by standing firm for Him. Share the feelings you had during that moment.

Around the table...

Read Esther 8:15

Esther had a banquet prepared for the king and Haman. As you prepare dinner, discuss the traditions you might have around the table. Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving, birthdays, etc. These bring happiness and usually great memories and conversations. Esther knew how important feasts were. We see throughout the Bible how feasts around a table are used to remember and celebrate what God has done for us. At the end, when the Jews were not destroyed but celebrated, there was joy and feasting!

As you eat together around the table, share some good memories from “feasts” that you have had. Share the ones that made you laugh and/or the ones that make you smile.

GO DEEPER: Explore how Mordecai did not leave Esther’s side, even when she was queen. He sat by the outer gates to support her whenever she might need him. Discuss how important having support is when you are in situations that call for standing up for God.

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