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Family Connection – God’s Covenant with Abraham

Memory Verse: Genesis 15:1b

Challenge Verse: Psalm 119:73
Practice Video: t.ly/viu0

In the car...

Today’s lesson — God’s Covenant with Abraham

Explain a covenant — making a promise to do something as long as the other person keeps their promise, too; an agreement or contract. Driving is just like that. When we drive on the road, we have an agreement with the other drivers to not bump into their cars.

God promised Abraham that he would have as many offspring as there are stars in the sky, which is A LOT. Kind of like the number of cars on the road. Have the family count as many cars as they can on the way to your destination. Can you imagine having that many cousins at Christmas dinner?! God kept His promise to Abraham and he had many, many great......grandchildren.

At home...

Read Genesis 15:1-21; 17:1-9

God made a covenant with Abraham. Discuss what contracts you have in your house. Are they easy to keep, like, “When you pick up your room, then we will eat dinner”? Talk about different contracts we keep in our life, at school, home, a friend’s house, work, etc. Some are easy to keep and are short in time. Some are hard and are carried out over a long period of time. Discuss a couple of each and how you all help each other keep them.

God made a covenant with us, too. He said that if we believe in His Son, we will have eternal life and will not perish. Talk about how you can make that covenant with God and/ or help each other keep that covenant.

Around the table...

After God and Abraham made a covenant, God gave Abraham his new name and He gave his wife a new name, Sarah. Why did God give them new names? It was because they were no longer their old selves but made new through God’s covenant! If you were given a new name from God, what would it be?

He also gave them new names to mark His covenant. It can never be traded or taken away. Just like His covenant with us! He gave us Jesus and marked it with the death and resurrection. Once we agree to this covenant, it will never be taken away or forgotten.

GO DEEPER: Discuss God’s covenant with us! How does it make you feel that it can NEVER be taken away or changed?

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