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Family Connection – Isaiah Prophesies

Memory Verse: Isaiah 53:4a

Challenge Verse: Luke 2:52
Practice Video: t.ly/Lekd

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Isaiah’s Prophecy

Isaiah was a prophet, one who spoke to and led the people of Israel. He foretold the coming of the Messiah. 400 years before Jesus was born Isaiah told the Israelites of His birth. That gave them something to anticipate. But the timing also gave them some time to forget.

Talk about how we know if a car is going to turn. Usually, they tell us by using their blinker. God told us that He would bring a Savior to us. He told us by using Isaiah and other prophets to describe His Son before He was here. We get excited for Christmas because this is the time every year we remember the birth of our Savior.

At home...

Read - Isaiah 53

Trust is huge! God’s prophets had to have the trust of their people. They had to prophesy and be right, because if they were wrong, well, nobody would listen to them. Discuss how we can rely on God’s word that He would bring us a Savior, His Son! Look around at the Christmas decorations. Discuss how we celebrate Christmas because it is the prophecy coming true. We celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas and point to Easter as the completion of the prophecy, His death and resurrection.

Take a moment and talk about trusting one another — how we rely on one another to tell the truth when we need help, like when we can’t find something and we ask for help locating it.

Around the table...

Isaiah wasn’t around to see this prophecy come true, but he believed in every word he spoke. He knew that Jesus would be the Christ child and he knew that Jesus would die for our sins and rise again on the third day. He believed in his heart.

Discuss how we believe in things just like Isaiah believed the Messiah would come. Talk about how we believe in things we can experience: the chair holding us off the ground, the food being tasty, the drink quenching our thirst. We believe these things because we can experience them. But how can we believe in things we can’t experience? Isaiah didn’t see the prophecy come true, and neither did we, but we have the Bible and our faith!

GO DEEPER: Talk about Christmas. How can you preach like Isaiah about the birth of our Savior? Do one thing new this year that points others to Jesus.

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