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Family Connection – Jesus and the Woman at the Well

Memory Verse: John 4:14a

Challenge Verse: John 4:13-14
Practice Video: t.ly/_OU9

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Jesus and the woman at the well

Jesus traveled a lot with His disciples. This one time when Jesus was traveling, He got thirsty like we ALL do, especially on road trips. While He stopped to get water, He preached to a young Samaritan woman.

Jesus was always looking for an opportunity to teach people. He even did this while thirsty and in a different town. He didn’t know this woman but saw an opportunity and didn’t shy away from having a conversation.

Discuss an opportunity you might have to teach people about Jesus while traveling. It could be small like being kind on the road or big like having a conversation at the gas station.

At home...

Read John 4:1-26

Jesus spoke to the woman at the well about water for the body and water for the soul. She didn’t understand what He was talking about. She assumed He was discussing the well Jacob dug. It was hard for her to grasp that Jesus was talking to her about eternity in heaven.

Jesus was very subtle when He was talking with the woman. He didn’t just tell her who He was because He knew she might not believe Him. Instead, He used the circumstance to teach her.

Has the Gospel ever been hard to understand? Have you ever had to seek additional help to learn what the Gospel was talking about? Discuss as a family how you can set up a system of information. If you don’t understand something, how can you find that information (e.g. pastor, commentaries, books, etc.)?

Around the table...

Jesus finally reveled Himself to the woman. When He did, she ran into the town and shared with the town’s people. Jesus showed His power by telling the woman about her past married life. After He did this, she believed. He explained worshipping and how more than just Jews will worship God.

Once the woman heard that He was the promised Messiah, she ran into town and told everybody she saw! She couldn’t contain herself from sharing who she just met. When they came out to see Him, Jesus took the opportunity to teach the Word to them.

Discuss a time when you couldn’t contain the excitement of Jesus. What happened and how did you share it?

GO DEEPER: Discuss together and decide on a time in the day, like around the dinner table, that you can share how God worked in your life.

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