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Family Connection - Jesus Appears to His Disciples

Memory Verse: John 20:29b

Challenge Verse: John 3:16
Practice Video: t.ly/BV-v

In the car...

This week’s lesson: Jesus appears to His disciples

As the disciples were hiding in a locked room Jesus came and appeared to them. This was a time of amazement! The disciples were overjoyed to see Jesus. Have you ever taken the time to travel to someone who would be overjoyed to see you?

Talk as a family about the anticipation of seeing this person and how you and they will feel when you get to see them.

At home...

Read John 20:19-29

Jesus told His disciples, “Peace be with you.” He said this as His greeting and to help with how they might be frightened by Him entering a locked room. The disciples didn’t expect to see Jesus again until heaven. BUT, here He was, presenting Himself and His wounds to prove to them that He had risen from the grave and to squelch any doubt they might have of someone stealing His body. He left them with the Holy Spirit and told them to go and spread the news.

Discuss a time that you felt the calmness of Jesus during a crazy time. Did He lead you to share that story with others?

Around the table...

Thomas wasn’t in the room with the disciples during Jesus’ appearance. He didn’t quite believe his friends. He told them that he wanted to see the holes in Jesus’ hands and feel the hole in His side. So Jesus came back to that locked room while Thomas was there and revealed Himself to Thomas. Afterwards Thomas proclaimed, “My Lord, My God!” and Jesus told him that he believed because he had seen Jesus. Jesus added, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Talk about believing in Jesus even though we haven’t physically seen Him. Discuss what it means to have faith during our doubting times.

GO DEEPER: Have you ever felt like Thomas? Have you ever had a moment when you needed proof from Jesus?

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