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Family Connection – Jesus Appears to the Disciples

In the car...

Challenge Verse
John 3:16
Weekly Verse
John 20:29b

Today’s lesson – Jesus appears to the disciples

Jesus appears! We talked last week about Jesus rising from the grave, explaining that He is NOT dead but ALIVE! Things that are alive move, like plants, insects, and us!

When Jesus appeared to the disciples they couldn’t understand that He was alive. Like plants — we don’t see them move, but we know they are alive. Discuss how Jesus is alive in us! We don’t SEE Him physically, but we know He is alive. Point out the trees and how they grow to be so large overtime. Put that into perspective of how Jesus should grow over time in our hearts.

At home...

Read John 20:19-29

Jesus appeared to His disciples. But one of them wasn’t there, and he didn’t experience Jesus in the same way the others did. Thomas thought the disciples were lying to him about Jesus appearing, playing on his hopes that Jesus would rise from the grave like He said He would. BUT, Jesus came a second time to allow Thomas to experience Him the same way the others did. When He appeared he told them, “You have seen and believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and still believe.”

Discuss a moment in your life when maybe you missed a Jesus experience and found it hard to believe. Talk about how you either ended up believing or maybe are still in disbelief.

Around the table...

Jesus appeared and ate fish with His disciples! I mean, Jesus appeared from within the house and they all thought He was a ghost! Jesus shared a meal with His disciples, proving He was NOT a ghost but alive!

Meals were huge in this culture, just as they are in ours. Many of our celebrations and memories are developed around meals. Discuss how meals are important in your family. How have you made them special?

GO DEEPER: Doubt, awe, and celebration — feelings we discover with Jesus being ALIVE. Talk about each of those in depth with moments in your life.

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