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Family Connection – Jesus Casts Out a Demon

In the car...

Challenge Verse
John 4:13-14
Weekly Verse
Mark 5:20a

Today’s lesson – Jesus casts out a demon

Jesus and His disciples crossed the sea and came upon something unexpected: a man chained to a rock in a graveyard. It scared the disciples because this man spoke strangely and had the strength of many men, but Jesus saw the need to help this man.

While driving have you seen somebody that has made your heart break and you felt the nudge to help? Discuss a time when you were able to help a person in need.

At home...

Read Mark 5:1-20

Jesus asked the demon its name and it said, “Legion, because we are many.” Wow, this man had a legion of demons in him. The Bible says that he was in pain and tormented by these demons constantly, and his village tried to chain him up but no chain could hold him. BUT, when Jesus arrived the legion of demons were fearful of Jesus! They begged Jesus to not destroy them. So Jesus cast them into the pigs. Jesus was able to control what we would consider an uncontrollable situation and was able to relieve this man from his anguish.

Discuss a time that you felt out of control, but when you invited Jesus into the situation it became controllable and you were relived from the pain of the situation.

Around the table...

After Jesus cast out this man’s demons, the man asked Jesus if he could follow HIM. Wow, what a change! This man went from being chained up to wanting to follow Jesus. Come to find out, this man had a family! Jesus told him to go home to his family and tell everyone what the Lord had done for him. Jesus sent this man away with his story of redemption to spread the word of Jesus!

Share a time when you were able to spread the good news of what Jesus has done in your life. This could be about what feels small. But remember, stories of Jesus are always great to share.

GO DEEPER: Share a time when you felt like there would be no end to a pain. Talk about if you are still there or how Jesus helped you through it.

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