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Family Connection – Jesus Heals

In the car...

Challenge Verse
James 1:22
Weekly Verse
Mark 5:36b

Today’s lesson – Jesus heals

Jesus was in a massive crowd. People were everywhere! The Bible says that people were right up next to Jesus. And then a woman touched the hem of Jesus' cloak. By her faith she was healed! Jesus knew it the instant she touched His clothing.

As you drive, talk about traffic or large gatherings and how we might get a little anxious when someone gets too close to our car or to us. Well, that’s how it was during this Bible HIS-story. Jesus was being bombarded. People were bumping into Him already, but when this lady touched Him, He felt her faith! And because of her faith, His healing power cured her!

At home...

Read Mark 5:21-43

Jesus was asked to heal a sick girl by Jairus, a synagogue ruler. This man knew of Jesus and knew that Jesus could heal and do miracles. But he was also part of the group that was against Jesus. Jairus was desperate because this was his daughter, whom he loved dearly. While Jesus was talking to the woman who touched his cloak, some men told Jairus not to bother Jesus because his daughter was already dead. Jesus ignored this, though, and went anyway.

We come to Jesus in our times of deepest need. Have you ever thought something was too great for God? Have you ever given up the hope that Jesus can handle a situation?

We see that Jesus didn’t back down even though people didn’t think He could raise the girl from death. Jesus won’t back down from our deepest needs either.

Around the table...

While Jesus was at Jairus’ house, everyone was crying and wailing. When Jesus mentioned that the girl was not dead, they all laughed. They laughed at Jesus, the man they had called upon to heal the girl, the man that had done ALL the miracles the people were talking about. They all had doubt, but Jairus didn’t. Jesus told them all to step out, except for the parents. He then raised the girl from death.

Doubt is something Jesus can work through. Discuss a time when you had doubt. Then discuss a time you had faith during a time of adversity. Share your stories.

GO DEEPER: Share a time when you gave up hope because your doubt was too big to handle. Share a time when you talked with God about your doubt.

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