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Family Connection – Jesus Is Tempted

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Jesus is tempted

Memory Verse:
Matthew 4:11
Challenge Verse:
John 14:15

Temptation is something we ALL deal with. When Jesus was tempted by the devil, He recited the verses to the devil to overcome what was being presented to Him. When Satan was finished tempting Jesus, Jesus was attended to by angels.

We are tempted to make bad choices every time we drive. We want to drive faster than the speed limit, we want to pass cars on the right, etc. Discuss temptations in the car with your family. Talk about why you might feel tempted to break the rules while driving and why you shouldn’t follow the temptation.

At home...

Read Matthew 4:1-11

Jesus was led to the desert by the Holy Spirit. Jesus was there for 40 days with no food or water. He must’ve been hungry and tired. His thoughts were most likely wandering in many different directions. That’s when Satan came to tempt Jesus.

When we are down and feeling “starved,” Satan tries to exploit that. But Jesus shows us that while He was in this “desert place,” the Bible hidden in your heart is your best weapon against those times.

Discuss as a family the verses you use in those times of feeling anxious, down, defeated, etc. Talk about how those verses have helped you and how you use those verses to combat Satan (e.g. speak them aloud, pray them with friends, or read them in your Bible).

Around the table...

While in the desert for 40 days, Jesus was tempted three times by Satan, the last of which was on the mountaintop. Satan showed Jesus everything and told Jesus that if He bowed to him, the world would be His. Jesus told Satan, “NO WAY!” and fell to His knees, and the angels attended to Him.

Talk about times when you overcame a temptation, were completely wiped out from the battle, and were attended to by “angels.” How did God reveal Himself to you? Was it through friends, children, parents, etc.?

Go DEEPER: Discuss your desert place. Do you feel anxious about something or “less than” sometimes? Share as a family and talk about how you are able to overcome that desert place.

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