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Family Connection – Jesus raises Lazarus

Memory Verse: John 11:40

Challenge Verse: John 3:16
Practice Video: t.ly/BV-v

In the car...

This week’s lesson: Jesus raises Lazarus

Jesus was a couple days’ travel away from Lazarus when He heard that His friend was sick. When Jesus heard this, He didn’t stop His teaching — He finished and then travelled to His friend. He knew that it was going to take a long time to get to His friend and I’m sure He thought about it while He was headed there. It wasn’t a happy trip but a necessary one.

Discuss a time that your travel seemed to take a long time. How did you feel (sad, excited, no desire for the destination, etc.)? Why did you feel like that?

At home...

Read John 11:1-7, 17-44

Jesus waited. This is a very important part of this HIS-story. Jesus knew that His friend was not going to recover from this sickness. He waited two days to leave and knew it would take about two days to get there. He knew that waiting was the best answer. Sometimes we want immediate action on the things we ask of Jesus and sometimes He tells us, “Soon, but not now.” And the outcome of the waiting is much greater than we could’ve ever imagined. BUT, Jesus knows that God’s glory will be seen if we just believe in Him and His timing.

Discuss a time when you were told to wait and then God used it to show His glory.

Around the table...

“Jesus wept.” That’s the shortest verse in the Bible and it says volumes. It shows us that Jesus has deep emotions and that He has compassion for us. He wept for His friend and He wept for those who were mourning the loss of Lazarus. Then He prayed, for our sake. He prayed so that we could see Him give glory to God for what was about to happen. Then He showed everybody that He had power over death. Jesus prayed for our sake, He wept for us as He had compassion, and He conquered the grave to show us God’s glory.

As a family, discuss a time that you saw the power and might of Jesus. What has He conquered (or what is He conquering) for you?

GO DEEPER: Talk as a family about the things that Jesus has done for you this week. After Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave, people shared this news. How can you share this news with others?

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