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Family Connection – Jesus Walks on Water

In the car...

Challenge Verse
John 4:13-14
Weekly Verse
Matthew 14:33

Today’s lesson – Jesus walks on water

Jesus went away to pray and sent the disciples on a boat. Later in the evening Jesus went to be with them on the water. The disciples couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

While you travel to your destination, look around and take inventory of things that might look a little different than what they should be. Talk about how our brains can perceive things differently than what is real. This is what happened to the disciples. They saw Jesus for real but their brains couldn't comprehend Him walking on the water! So they concluded it was a ghost!

At home...

Read Matthew 14:22-33

Jesus was on the water and the disciples were scared of the ghost. Jesus quickly told them to not be afraid because it was HIM! This did not really calm them down, so Peter asked for proof.

Have you ever been afraid of something and somebody tried to calm you down and it didn’t work, so you needed proof that whatever you were scared of was actually safe? Share your stories as a family.

Discuss what type of proof you need to trust in Jesus? We shouldn’t need proof, but sometimes we ask for it. Gideon, Peter, and the list goes on. Take inventory of when you ask Jesus to prove Himself.

Around the table...

Peter asked Jesus to bring him out on the water too! Peter wanted proof that it WAS in fact Jesus on the water. Jesus told him to come. Peter got a couple steps out, looked down, and got scared again and proceeded to sink in the water. Peter did it! He walked on water because he believed. Now, that ended because he took his eyes off Jesus and immediately lost faith, but I want to focus on the fact he did it! And he did it with Jesus’ help!

Discuss a success story where Jesus was evident in that success.

GO DEEPER: Discuss a time when Jesus pulled you up out of the water. Talk about a time or times when you faltered but were able to return to Jesus!

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