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Family Connection – Job

In the car...

Challenge Verse
James 1:2-3
Weekly Verse
Job 42:2

Today’s lesson – Job

God was strong in Job’s life. Job was chosen by God to be sifted like wheat. God exposed Job to Satan. Satan was looking for something to do and God offered up Job because He knew that Job would be strong, rely on God, and not forsake God. God tested Job’s faith.

Discuss faith. Talk about how we have faith in our car every time we get in it. We hope it will hold us while we climb in, we hope it will turn on, and we hope it will stop when we press the brake. We also have some faith that these will happen with the other cars on the road. We see faith everywhere!

At home...

Read Job 40:9-14

Job thought he understood why God was allowing him to be so hurt, but he did not know the reasons why or how powerful God truly was! In this passage God was telling Job who He is and how powerful He is. God told Job that if he were as powerful and wise as God was, then his right hand could save him (v.14). God is our pillar, our refuge in times of need.

Talk about times when you might have felt as Job did...times when life felt a bit hard and God used that moment to help you focus on Him.

Around the table...

As you prepare your food, ask your family for some help. Discuss with them how God is in control of everything; how God gives us our blessings just as He does every living thing! God explained the strength of many beasts while talking to Job. He explained how He was stronger than them and was in control of everything.

If God controls and is stronger than those beasts and loves us that much more, won’t He also provide us shelter and strength (40:15)? Talk about God’s love for us in times of happiness and struggle.

GO DEEPER: Explore times of happiness and times of struggle. Talk about how you’ve seen God’s love in both times.

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