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Family Connection – John’s Vision of Jesus

In the car...

Challenge Verse
Revelation 1:18
Weekly Verse
2 Peter 1:3

Today’s lesson – John’s vision of Jesus

Jesus gave John a vision of Himself while John was on the island of Patmos. The vision is one that set fear in John’s heart. But comfort came when Jesus announced Himself and gave John strength and peace about what he was experiencing.

Discuss a time when something scared you in the car. Maybe you saw a ball roll into the street while you were driving. What fear did you have? How did you respond? What was the outcome? Fear is a natural response to the unknown or never-experienced, but Jesus shows us that He is in control and that we can lean on His strength.

At home...

Read Revelation 1:9-20

When Jesus was revealed to John, He had glowing white hair and eyes of fire, he was covered to His feet, and His feet glowed like that of bronze in the fire. Jesus’ appearance was a bit frightening. But this was to comfort John. This was truly who Jesus is — Light and Truth! When he told John to not be afraid, Jesus was giving John strength. He told John that He is the beginning and the end, and He told John to not worry but pass on this comforting truth that Jesus is truly the Son of God and will judge sin! He also reminded John that He died and rose again forever, giving us confidence in our salvation through Him.

Discuss John’s vision of Jesus. Why does John describe Jesus’ appearance in this manner?

Around the table...

When Jesus told John about the seven stars and the seven lampstands, He was telling John not to worry about the church, that God had placed His angels to protect the church. Jesus wanted John to encourage the churches to grow their faith in Jesus by writing down what John witnessed. John witnessed that Jesus was ALIVE and in heaven, exactly where He said He would be! This should encourage and strengthen our faith in Him! This was a solid promise kept by Jesus!

Discuss promises kept — yours, God’s, Jesus', The Holy Spirit’s.

GO DEEPER: Jesus had a double-edged sword for a tongue. Discuss with one another what this means. Also, discuss the wording used in the passage. John is grasping for descriptors so that we can understand what he is seeing!

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