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Family Connection – Joseph Forgives His Brothers

Memory Verse: Gen. 45:7

Challenge Verse: Psalm 139:13-14
Practice Video: t.ly/5I8a

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Joseph Forgives His Brothers

Discuss forgiveness while driving. Did somebody cut you off? Somebody run a red light, forcing you to slam on your breaks? Somebody speed by, making you feel uncomfortable? Talk about how to forgive them, to look at it from a different angle. What if they didn’t see you, they are hurrying to the hospital, etc.?

After Joseph was in command and his brothers came to get food he was angry and vindictive. But soon he realized that they were part of a much bigger plan, and he forgave them once he changed his perspective.

At home...

Read Genesis 42:1-46:34

Joseph was in major power at the time his brothers came to him for food during the famine. His brothers were very humble at the time and Joseph decided to test them and to see if they were sorry for their actions. Discuss regret. Have you ever done something and not said sorry or been able to say sorry? After watching their father mourn for Joseph, the brothers felt regret for their actions. When Joseph heard they were sorry, he forgave them.

Apologizing is important. Discuss apologies and how they make everybody feel. It changed Joseph’s mind on how to treat his brothers. It brought the family back together. Talk about how apologies, if done right, can heal.

Around the table...

God gave Joseph an opportunity to show love to his brothers. God fulfilled the dreams he gave to Joseph — the wheat, the stars all bowed to him.

Joseph had food for his brothers. He chose to give it to them and plenty more. After they were forgiven, the whole household came to live in Egypt, where the Lord sent Joseph to prepare a place for them to live.

The Lord sent Jesus. He had a plan of forgiveness for us all. He has given us an abundance of love. He took our wrongdoings and gave us forgiveness, just as we see in the life of Joseph. Discuss salvation and peace in forgiveness.

GO DEEPER: Discuss how to forgive. Ask about a time when something was done and forgiveness was given and a time when forgiveness was NOT given.

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