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Family Connection – Joseph’s Dreams

Memory Verse: Gen. 37:21

Challenge Verse: Psalm 139:13-14
Practice Video: t.ly/5I8a

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Joseph’s Dreams

Discuss daydreaming. Ask your family what kinds of things they can imagine happening outside of the window. This is what it must have felt like when Joseph was telling his dreams to his brothers — a bit unbelievable.

Joseph didn’t know that God had given him this gift of interpreting these dreams AND had a plan for his life. God uses many ways for us to get to His destination. Explain some of the different ways you could get to the destination you are headed. God used Joseph’s dreams like this as a method to get him to Egypt!

At home...

Read Genesis 37:2-36

Joseph was a dreamer! He had dreams that got him sold into slavery, and he was able to interpret dreams that got him released from jail. All because God gave him a gift and he used it for God’s glory.

God had a major plan for Joseph! Many steps were in this plan. Discuss planning a vacation. How many things need to be set in place (travel, hotels, fun, food, etc.)? God had these laid out for Joseph. Discuss what it feels like when things don’t go as planned. The car breaks down, the hotel gives up your room... Things did not go as Joseph had planned — his brothers sold him into slavery!

Around the table...

In this story God gave Joseph some dreams that made his brothers mad. But in the first part we find out he is the favorite son and he gets special treatment.

When we eat, we thank God for the meal and the hands that prepared it. Discuss how you can give thanks to God for hard things happening. Joseph probably didn’t thank God for being sold into slavery until his dreams came true. How can you thank God for the hard things?

GO DEEPER: Discuss plans and how sometimes there are good things that come through hardships. Share a hardship that has ended well and maybe one that you are hoping ends well.

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