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Family Connection – Josiah

In the car...

Challenge Verse
Jeremiah 29:11-12
Weekly Verse
2 Chronicles 34:33b

Today’s lesson – Josiah, the kid king

Today we talked about Josiah. Josiah was made king when he was only 8! But he was surrounded by good people to raise him in the correct ways. So much so that that when he was old enough to begin making important decisions, he decided to rebuild the temple.

As you drive around town on your way to school or work, discuss how buildings in town change hands often or sometimes become abandoned by the owner. Make a connection between Josiah and the temple. The temple was in ruins because the people had forgotten God and forgotten to keep the temple in good shape.

At home...

Read 2 Chronicles 34:14-33

Josiah was sad because he realized that he, too, had forgotten about the Law. Just as the Levites did in the temple, he forgot to follow the Law and read it everyday. It is part of the creed for all kings to read the Law daily and to memorize it so that they would not stray from it. When Josiah realized that he had failed to do that, he was saddened that he had hurt God and he tore his clothes.

Have you ever had a moment of clarity, when you realized that you have hurt God through your actions? Share those moments and talk about how you try to not forget the Law everyday.

Around the table...

Read 2 Chronicles 35:1-19

After Josiah tore down all the other idols in Jerusalem, he reinstated the Passover feast. This feast was held to remember what God had given to the Israelites: freedom. The celebration and feast was a big undertaking and needed many people to contribute to its success. The people had been out of practice, so the Levites helped those who needed guidance.

Sometimes we get so heavy into our lives that we forget to celebrate what God has given us, just like the Israelites had forgotten. While you prepare the meal or sit and eat around the table, talk about traditions you have in your family, how they became traditions, and why you do the traditions. Discuss how you might start a new tradition that centers around remembering God’s love for you.

GO DEEPER: The people forgot about the Book of the Law! Discuss moments in which you have forgotten about Jesus and His direction for you. I know it’s hard to admit, but we all forget and try to make decisions according to our sinful natures.

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