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Family Connection – Moses Is Born & Called

Memory Verse: Exodus 3:14

Challenge Verse: Ephesians 1:4-5
Practice Video: t.ly/7TXP

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Moses Is Born and Called

Being born is a time of joy! Discuss the time when your child(ren) was (were) born. Tell them details and explain your feelings. During the time that Moses was born Pharaoh wanted all baby boys dead. His mother, on the other hand, did not want that, so she hid him in a basket and sent him upstream. Pharaoh's daughter found him and kept him!

Discuss how God has a plan for all of us. Look back on Psalm 139:13-14 — how He formed us in our mother’s womb. He made us for a purpose just like He did Moses.

At home...

Read Exodus 1:8-2:20; 3:1-4:20

When Moses saw one of his people being mistreated, he got angry and killed a slave master. When he found out people saw him do it, he ran for the hills. Discuss a time in your childhood when you did something bad and got caught. What did you do?

When Moses was in the wilderness, his true nature of helping people came out and he helped some women get water. He married into their family and became a shepherd. God was still preserving Moses in the wilderness because He had a mighty job for him to do. Talk about times where you’ve seen God set up moments for you to do His will. Talk about your God sightings daily this week: “How did you see God move today?”

Around the table...

Moses was called while wandering with his sheep in the desert. God showed him a strange sight: a burning bush, but the bush did not burn up! We’ve all seen things that have made us go, “Hmmm.” When Moses saw this, he was drawn closer to God and God called him to do His will, to get His people to freedom. When Moses gave excuses, God gave him answers.

Talk about how when God calls us, He will prepare the way! As we draw nearer to God, He will share His will for our lives. He will prepare us for the task just as He did with Moses. Even if we stray or make excuses, God will not leave our side. Talk about a time when you felt the Holy Spirit nudge you and you followed that nudge.

GO DEEPER: Discuss moments when you followed your excuses or maybe the way you were nudged was too scary. Explain how God is still with you and will still help you.

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