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Family Connection – Nehemiah

In the car...

Challenge Verse
Jeremiah 29:11-12
Weekly Verse
Nehemiah 4:20

Today’s lesson – Nehemiah

Today we talked about Nehemiah. Nehemiah was a common man, the cupbearer to the king. He heard of how Jerusalem was being picked on, or destroyed, and the walls had been torn down. It made him extremely sad to hear that his hometown was being destroyed and he wanted to rebuild the walls.

As you drive around, point out places that maybe need a bit of help. Discuss different parts of road construction or building construction and how it takes a long time to rebuild something. Imagine together how long it must’ve taken Nehemiah to rebuild the walls under the conditions he was under: death threats, bullying, exhaustion.

At home...

Read Nehemiah 2

Nehemiah needed to ask for permission from the king to leave his job and go to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls. This could’ve ended badly for Nehemiah — the king had every right to kill him because Jerusalem was not an ally to the king. But God had already prepared the king’s heart to let Nehemiah go! When Nehemiah showed up wearing his heart on his sleeve, the king was in a helpful mood. He let him go for as long as he needed and even provided a protective escort to get Nehemiah there safely!

Wow! Discuss as a family how God has prepared a way for something tricky to be successful. Describe a situation where you have been in Nehemiah’s shoes, needing help but feeling uneasy to ask, and then God shows up with more help than you had ever dreamed of.

Around the table...

Read Nehemiah 3

After Nehemiah had inspected the wall and saw that it was badly damaged and that no one was trying to fix it, he explained to the people of Jerusalem that the Lord’s hand was upon him. The people understood this and rallied behind him, and they began rebuilding the city! Everyone helped according to their skills!

As you sit around the table, discuss each other's gifts. Talk about how God has blessed you with certain abilities and skills. Tell each other what you see in them. Then, talk about ways you could help boost the building of His kingdom with your gifts.

GO DEEPER: Explore the hostility that Nehemiah faced while rebuilding the wall. Have you ever felt like the world was against you but you knew that the Holy Spirit was pushing you in that direction? Discuss those moments and the outcomes.

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