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Family Connection – Parable: The Good Samaritan

Memory Verse: Luke 10:37b

Challenge Verse: James 1:22
Practice Video: t.ly/rehS

In the car...

This week’s lesson: The parable the good Samaritan

While talking to those who were the experts of religion, Jesus was asked a very important question: Who was their neighbor?

Talk about neighborhoods as you drive. Discuss that neighborhoods are made up of people who live near one another. Talk about the pride that goes into keeping your neighborhood clean and safe.

Discuss your neighborhood. How are you involved?

At home...

Read Luke 10:25-37

Neighbors are important. In this day and age, knowing your neighbors is not that common. When Jesus was asked about who your neighbors are, the religious leader was probably thinking Jesus would answer, “Those who are like you.” BUT, He didn’t. Instead, He gave the parable where the people who were “like” the man did nothing and the one who was “unlike” him was the one who showed compassion.

As a family, discuss how you show compassion to and love your neighbors who might not be “like” you.

Around the table...

This parable is directly tied to loving one another just as you love yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to think of loving others and how you might show that in the small, everyday details. In this parable, Jesus uses a pretty extreme case of compassion. But what about the little things?

Jesus also explains in this passage to love the Lord God with ALL your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Talk about what that looks like in your home.

As a family, talk about your “neighbors” — who they are. Discuss some everyday circumstances where you can show love to your neighbors.

GO DEEPER: Talk about loving those around you. Is there anybody that you maybe “don’t like” right now? How can you show them the love of Jesus?

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