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Family Connection – Summer Quest – Paul & Barnabas

In the car...

Memory Verse
Hebrews 4:12
Practice Link - t.ly/Iida

Today’s lesson – The HIS-story of Paul and Barnabas going and spreading the Gospel message to the Gentiles

The Gospel had reached the Gentiles, but the apostles believed that Jesus’ sacrifice was only for the Jews. Paul and Barnabas believed otherwise and convinced the others. In return, the apostles gave the right hand of fellowship to Paul and Barnabas and sent them on their way.

Paul and Barnabas received a gracious blessing from the leaders as they were sent to go and preach the Gospel. When you get ready to leave for a journey, whether short or long, take a moment to pray before you go. It’s a great habit to get into to thank the Lord for the provision and to ask for a blessing on your journey.

At home...

Read Galatians 2:7-16

Paul and Barnabas went on to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles. The Gentiles were not Jews and did not follow their customs, so the Jews saw them as unclean through the lens of their laws. The Gentiles were different and led a different lifestyle. The apostles thought it impossible for a Gentile to be saved through Christ’s sacrifice. We know that Christ’s sacrifice was for ALL, and we witness this with Paul and Barnabas’ mission to the Gentiles. Christ came to save everybody, and NOBODY is too far gone.

Share a time when you might have thought someone was too far gone? How did it resolve?

Around the table...

Paul confronts Peter in the latter part of this HIS-story. Paul notices that Peter begins to shun the Gentiles again when some prominent Jews come to dinner. When Paul witnesses this hypocrisy, he confronts Peter and tells him about sanctification through Christ, not the law.

This is a great reminder that we all fall short, even when we’re focused on doing what is right. Peter wanted to tell everybody about the Gospel but got caught up in appearances of the law. Paul reminded him that we are ALL sanctified through Christ and that the Gospel is for everyone, and everyone should have the opportunity to follow Christ.

Share a moment when you were righteously corrected or needed to correct someone. How did it resolve?

Go DEEPER: Take a moment and talk about a time you needed to be corrected but weren’t. Has the Holy Spirit changed your behavior?

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