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Family Connection – Paul's Conversion and Baptism

Challenge Verse: Galatians 5:22-23
Practice Video: tinyurl.com/kvn7snj7

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Paul’s Conversion and Baptism

Today we talked about Paul’s conversion and his baptism. Paul was a zealot against Christians during his early years. He would persecute them without remorse. That is, until he encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus. Sometimes I get a little road rage, when people and “their ideals” of “good” driving are different from mine. Most of the time I’m able to meet with Jesus on this point and He helps me get over my differences.

In the car, discuss good drivers and how the driving culture should work. Talk about how you see God’s protection everywhere.

At home...

Read Acts 9

Paul was a zealot against Christians and was even a part of the group that killed Stephen, one of the apostles of Jesus. During this heightened time of attacks on Christians, Jesus presented Himself to Paul and blinded him. Paul eventually became a full-fledged believer in Jesus and a zealot FOR the Gospel. But his character didn’t change, he just changed his goals. Instead of being against the Gospel, he was for it. But he was also very dogmatic towards people adhering to proper teaching of the Gospel.

Talk about a time when you had a major uplifting in the Gospel, when Jesus really got a hold of you and changed your perspective.

Around the table...

Around the table talk about how Paul was presented the Gospel by Ananias. Ananias really didn’t want to go because he feared Saul and what he had done to other Christians. But the Lord encouraged him and he went and was part of developing one of the strongest influencers for Jesus.

Discuss a moment when the Lord encouraged you to present the Gospel. Maybe you did and it turned out to be amazing OR maybe you did and it turned out horribly. Share it either way!

GO DEEPER: Explore your testimony, how did you meet Jesus?

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