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Family Connection - Summer Quest - Paul’s Encouragement

In the car...

Memory Verse
Proverbs 16:9
Practice Link - t.ly/4Rzi

Today’s Lesson — Paul’s Encouragement

Paul encourages us to finish the race. This lesson is all about how Paul guides us to be strong Christians and to uphold our faith. Paul writes to the churches and warns them of false teachers and how they can lead Christians astray and away from the true Gospel. Kind of like a poorly marked detour.

As you drive around, point out all of the construction that is happening around town. Mention and take note of the detour signs. Point out and focus on how the signs can be confusing. Mention that if someone were to come along and change just one of those signs, you would not easily make it to your destination.

At home...

Read 2 Timothy 4:7-8

During this focused passage of Paul’s letter, he writes to Timothy, his ministry mentee. Timothy has been faithful to the spreading of the Gospel and in working alongside Paul during his encouragement to the churches. Paul is telling Timothy to be aware of false teachers and to be strong in the face of these teachers so the church does not get led astray.

Discuss as a family times that you have been faced with false teachers or corrupt decisions. How did you stay on track, or did you stumble? Talk about how you can help keep everyone on track.

Around the table...

During the last part of Paul’s letter to Timothy and in his final farewell, Paul discusses fighting the good fight and finishing the race strongly. Paul discusses that he will receive a crown in heaven for the race that he has accomplished. During this time, athletic achievements were noted by crowns of leaves. This is why Paul talks about crowns in heaven, to show us that the Lord will reward us for a fight well fought or a race run well.

As you prepare dinner or eat around the table, think of a fun game that can be played with the family, and come up with a prize.

Go DEEPER: As a family, discuss specific fights or hurdles in your race for the Lord and the outcomes. Be as transparent as age-appropriateness will allow. The race is not easy for our children and they need to see us fall and get back up!

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