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Family Connection – Ruth & Boaz

Memory Verse: Ruth 2:16

Challenge Verse: Proverbs 16:3
Practice Video: t.ly/_Bnu

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Ruth & Boaz

Ruth was a widow who decided to stay with her widowed mother-in-law, Naomi. While Ruth traveled to Naomi’s home town, Ruth decided to stay and take care of Naomi. Naomi and Ruth struggled to put food on the table and Ruth took to gleaning.

As you drive around look for opportunities of gleaning and possibly point out those who are gleaning from their surroundings.

At home...

Read Ruth 1-4

Ruth began gleaning at Boaz’s farm. Boaz noticed her and told the field workers to leave some extra wheat on the ground for her so that she would be able glean more food. Naomi told Ruth that Boaz was her family’s kinsman redeemer, meaning he should take Ruth as his wife and provide a good home for them.

Talk about the term “kinsman redeemer” as a family. Jesus is our kinsman redeemer. Discuss how He has redeemed us and is providing a good home for us.

Around the table...

Ruth gleaned wheat from Boaz’s farm. From that wheat Naomi was able to make bread to sustain them. But the wheat took preparation. This preparation happened on the threshing floor, where Ruth first approached Boaz and told him who she was and how they were connected. God was preparing Boaz’s heart to accept Ruth as his wife.

Discuss preparation. How do you prepare your heart for things of significance (e.g. church, worship, prayer, etc.)?

GO DEEPER: Ruth trusted the guidance of Naomi during this tough time in her life. Naomi was her elder and guided her on the steps to be “redeemed.” Discuss a time when your elders guided you to the Lord and redemption.

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