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Family Connection – Samson

Memory Verse: Judges 16:28a

Challenge Verse: Ephesians 1:4-5
Practice Video: t.ly/7TXP

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Samson

Samson is a HIS-story of strength! Talk about the different types of strength there are (e.g. muscles, will power, knowledge, etc.). While driving, try to find things that are strong and things that are not.

Discuss the power of God and how He gave Samson mind strength and muscle strength at different times. Talk about how we can call upon the Lord for strength when we need it. Sometimes we need strength to be patient while driving (red lights when we are in a hurry, a person cuts in front of us, etc.). Discuss different times your child needs different strengths.

At home...

Read Judges 13-16

The mighty power of God was shown through Samson. He was set apart for the Lord to disrupt the Philistine rule over the Israelites. Samson antagonized the Philistines. They did not like him because he could not be stopped. Have you ever felt like that? When the Holy Spirit is with you and gives you strength? Discuss that feeling and describe that moment – what happened?

Samson messed up and told Delilah. After he was captured he prayed that God would give him strength just one more time. God gave him that strength, reminding us that He is with us always, even if we mess up.

Around the table...

“Out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet.” Samson had certain things he could eat. Try to think of restrictions, like no candy for the week or adding more veggies. When you want to eat the candy, think of how the Lord has blessed you; when you eat the vegetables, give the Lord praise. Configure this to help you praise the Lord with what He has given you.

Discuss other ways we can remember that the Lord is good. Think about things we use every day. Say aloud, “Thank You, Lord, for…,” every time you use it. Samson lost his strength and cried out one last time for God to give him strength, giving God ALL the glory.

GO DEEPER: Discuss moments of weakness. When did you mess up and have to ask God to give your “strength back”? Share how God helped you through that time.

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