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Family Connection – Sin

Memory Verse: Genesis 3:21

Challenge Verse: Exodus 20:11
Practice Video: t.ly/C4CS

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Genesis 3

Discuss driving and making mistakes. Talk with the family about driving rules and that they are in place to protect us and everyone else. Pick out a rule like stopping at a red light and how the traffic lights are designed to allow everybody a chance to go through the intersection. Discuss what might happen if you broke the rule.

Discuss with them about how if an accident were to happen, how forgiveness should be given. Talk about how God forgave Adam and Eve for eating the fruit. How He made them clothes but they still had consequences for breaking the rule. Just like driving, if we make a mistake, we get/give forgiveness, but there are still consequences.

At home...

Read Genesis 3

Go over some of your family rules. Pick out a couple and discuss the purpose behind those rules. Chores, brushing your teeth, etc. These rules are set in place for the good of our family. Talk about the consequences of breaking those rules.

God did the same with Adam. He gave him responsibilities in the garden and rules for the good of their relationship. When they broke the rules, discuss how God was not angry but saddened when Adam and Eve hid from Him because they were ashamed.

Around the table...

As you sit down to eat, discuss how God gave Adam and Eve everything in the garden to eat. Put down something sweet and indulgent on the table. Point out how easy it would be to just eat this for every meal.

Discuss the repercussions on the body if we just ate sweet treats, and how God wants us to be healthy. God wanted that for Adam too. He gave him everything he needed to eat healthy and also have a healthy relationship with God. God wants our physical and our emotional being to be healthy. He tells us to avoid certain things so we can grow strong with Him.

GO DEEPER: Talk about forgiveness and ask the family to share a time when they were forgiven.

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Family Connection – Cain & Abel
Family Connection – Adam & Eve

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