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Family Connection - Ten Commandments

In the car...

Challenge Verse
Proverbs 9:10
Weekly Verse
Commandments 1-5

This week’s lesson: The Ten Commandments

The Israelites and Moses were traveling in the desert towards the Promised Land. The Israelites grumbled at Moses and the Lord about lack of food and water.

Have you ever been hungry or thirsty in the car while traveling? Are you hungry now? God was with the Israelites and always provided what they needed, even if they didn’t ask politely. Discuss travel and how it can become tiring. Talk about using your manners when you need something while traveling. Discuss how the Israelites were probably very tired of not having a home and were wondering where God was taking them.

At home...

Read Exodus 19-20

God told Moses to bring the Israelites to Mount Sinai — to bring them to the foot of the mountain. When they got there, they were to wash themselves and wait for three days. This was to set them apart for the Lord. God took this time to reveal Himself once again to the Israelites.

Discuss as a family getting ready for a big event. What are the things you do differently? How do you make that time special? God wanted this meeting to be special.

Around the table...

God announced Himself with a horn blast! This was the end of the three days! How exciting, scary, and revealing to the Israelites. Three days...the amount of time the Israelites waited for God to reveal Himself and the amount of time that Jesus was in the grave. Both of these events are SPECIAL. God revealed His power when He appeared on the mountain, and God revealed Himself when Jesus conquered death.

Discuss as a family God’s revelations in your life. When has God revealed Himself to you? Was it a large announcing or a quiet revealing?

GO DEEPER: Talk about how God went into a covenant with the Israelites. How do you keep the covenant in your family? How do you keep the Sabbath holy?

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