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Summer Quest Family Connection – The Armor of God

In the car...

Memory Verse
Proverbs 16:9
Practice Link - t.ly/4Rzi

Today’s Lesson — The Armor of God

The armor of God! A passage known by most about guarding one’s heart and mind against the evil, fiery darts of Satan. Protection, swiftness, and readiness is what this passage covers. It teaches us to be ready at any moment to either protect ourselves, run to and save somebody, or fight and stand up for what is right.

While you drive around, talk about all the things you must try to predict in order to guard your car and keep all the passengers safe. As you drive, you are always on guard; you're in a “protection” state of mind. Point out everything that is going on and what you’re thinking to display how we must always be aware of our surroundings.

At home...

Read Ephesians 6:10-18

As you read, point out the elements of the armor — the helmet of salvation, the belt, the sword, etc. These things are meant to guard us from the evil one’s attempts at invading our lives. These elements were a usual site when Ephesians was written. The readers would see these pieces of armor everyday, so when Paul was writing, he was able to use everyday things that people could relate to in order to help them prepare for spiritual battle.

As you read, discuss what could be used as modern-day armor. What things should we wear to prepare for a battle today? Discuss as a family things that you might wear instead of the helmet of salvation. What would you wear to remember that you are saved?

Around the table...

As Paul wrote letters to the churches, they were not large-sized buildings but homes of the people in the city. When he was writing these letters, he wanted to prepare the congregations for the spiritual battles they were going to face: false teachers, bad advice, and people who were out to prove Jesus wasn’t the Messiah.

As a family around the table, talk about and discuss further each piece of the armor. Why did Paul use these armor elements to discuss the guarding (e.g. why did Paul use the sandals of readiness fitted with the Gospel?)? Why would Paul describe these things in this manner?

Go DEEPER: Discuss as a family how these pieces can be used in everyday life today. How can you use salvation to help you during the day?

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