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Family Connection – The Birth

Memory Verse: Luke 2:7

Challenge Verse: Luke 2:52
Practice Video: t.ly/Lekd

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Jesus’ Birth

Traveling can be hard, loud, crazy, fun, exciting, and sometimes an everyday thing. Imagine what it would be like to travel from one city to the next on a donkey. Talk about how long that might take and how the anticipation might fade or get stronger.

Discuss the purpose of traveling. Sometimes we must get to school or work; sometimes it’s for fun. Mary and Joseph traveled because the government told them to, but the real reason was because the promise of Jesus being born in Bethlehem was to be fulfilled.

At home...

Read Luke 2:1-7

NO ROOM! OK, so when we plan trips we choose some dates, get the hotel, and all the other things. Well, the hotel was a “hope there’s room” type of situation for Mary and Joseph. When they got there, there was no more room.

Plans. We all make them. This time Joseph had planned to get his wife a comfortable room. But God’s plan was for them to give birth to His Son in a humble stable. God’s plan was more glorious than what Joseph could have planned. I’m sure there were moments when they got frustrated or scared because they didn’t know what to expect. But God knew, and sometimes we need to stop and recognize that He’s in control! Discuss a time when things seemed out-of-control but looking back you can see God.

Around the table...

Around the table they ate, mesmerized by what was happening in their home! A baby was being born in a stable and the animals looked on with curiosity and amazement! I mean, that’s how I imagine it! The animals knew the Creator was being born on Earth! Discuss the craziest thing to happen around your dinner table. Share one story each.

The story of the birth of Jesus is one we hear often at this time of year. Take a moment and talk about why it was important for Him to be born in a manger, that he was to be KING but not of earthly riches. Also, talk about how this day marks the beginning of the opportunity of eternity with Him. He was born with a purpose but announced only to a few at first!

GO DEEPER: Talk about Christmas day in your house — traditions, excitement, etc. How can you place Jesus at the center of the day or enhance it if He already is?

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