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Family Connection – The Holy Spirit (Pentecost)

Challenge Verse: Romans 10:9
Practice Video: t.ly/67DU

In the car...

Today’s lesson – The Holy Spirit Comes

Today we talked about the arrival of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says it comes in and sounds like a rushing wind. Imagine a wind storm and the whistling and the whooshing sounds. It’s kind of a terrifying sound. This is announcement of the Holy Spirit though, an announcement of something new. When Jesus came into the world it was quiet, but when the Holy Spirit came it was loud.

Think of a time when a honking horn got your attention or maybe you honked at someone to get theirs. As a family, discuss noises while driving that are designed to get your attention so that you are ready. Tie that in to how the Holy Spirit got people’s attention.

At home...

Read Acts 2:1-4, 22-47

As you read this passage imagine being in an international airport or a place where many languages are spoken. When the Holy Spirit arrived it descended on the disciples and appeared like a flaming tongue on their heads. It enabled them to be understood by all the people who spoke different languages who were there for the festival. The people around them didn’t understand how this could happen, so they tried to explain it the best they could by saying they were drunk!

There are times when things happen that are outside of our understanding and we do our best to understand it by explaining it through our own experiences. Discuss an experience that can only be explained through the Holy Spirit.

Around the table...

Around the table talk about how the disciples preached with the strength and confidence of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples, it gave Peter a confidence to preach the Gospel, Jesus’ life and ministry. After he spoke about 3,000 people came to believe that Jesus is Lord and their Savior.

Discuss the Gospel: discuss the confidence we have that Jesus will never leave us and that He gave us the Holy Spirit to help us.

GO DEEPER: Explore the Holy Spirit. Discuss moments when He was present and you knew He gave you wisdom and strength.

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