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Family Connection – The Parables of the Mustard Seed and Yeast

In the car...

Challenge Verse
James 1:22
Weekly Verse
Matthew 13:35b

Today’s lesson – parable of the mustard seed and yeast

Jesus spoke in parables. He spoke in stories so that we can understand the ways of heaven. The mustard seed is a small seed, but it grows to be a big tree where the birds come to rest.

Growth. Our faith should grow. It should grow so large that people come to us for rest. As you drive, look at the trees. New neighborhoods have small, young trees, whereas older, established neighborhoods have big trees that provide shade from the heat. Point out things that are growing when you pass by them daily.

At home...

Read Matthew 13:31-32

Jesus spoke of the mustard seed growing. He mentioned that it was like the kingdom of heaven. He spoke of two things: growth amongst ourselves and growth amongst the kingdom of heaven. He mentioned that the birds are drawn to the mustard tree. He was letting us know that it is our job to grow in our faith so that we can expand the kingdom of heaven.

Share a moment of growth in your faith. Discuss a time (or times) when people came to you because they saw or knew of your faith in Jesus and you were able to plant another “mustard seed” so that the kingdom of heaven could expand.

Around the table...

Jesus also spoke of yeast. Yeast is another small thing that does wondrous growing. When used correctly, yeast will make a ball of dough expand so much! Jesus used yeast as a descriptor because it expands just like we should for the kingdom of heaven. We should do a mighty work and expand the kingdom along with our faith in Jesus.

Find a bread recipe and demonstrate how yeast expands. It takes a moment, so plan accordingly. Talk about how God can use us to expand the kingdom of heaven. Talk about how the Holy Spirit also works through us and should expand in our lives.

GO DEEPER: Share a time when you noticed that the Holy Spirit expanded like yeast in your life. Talk about the effects it had on you and those around you.

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