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Family Connection – The Shepherds

Memory Verse: Luke 2:10a

Challenge Verse: Luke 2:52
Practice Video: t.ly/Lekd

In the car...

Today’s lesson – They are TOLD

So Gabriel had frightened Mary, Joseph, and now the Shepherds! Nobody was expecting Jesus. They were living their lives as if they had forgotten. When the angel appeared, they all got scared. But then they realized how cool it was! Discuss a time when you weren't expecting something but were pleasantly surprised.

The shepherds didn’t know where to find Jesus, so the angel gave a great description. Talk about following directions and how they usually end up somewhere amazing!

At home...

Read Luke 2:8-20

Leaving home to go somewhere is sometimes scary, especially if you don’t know exactly where you’re going. The shepherds were told to look for specific things to find Jesus. Things that were out of the ordinary.

Discuss a time when you were drawn to Jesus by something out of the ordinary. Talk about how you felt when you recognized that something was out of place and how it led you to Jesus.

The shepherds finally found Jesus and realized who the baby was and worshipped Him. Talk about how you worship Jesus in your home.

Around the table...

The shepherds were invited! They were considered stinky and usually not worthy of such an invite, but God invited them to the biggest baby shower ever! Have you ever felt that way? Unworthy or too dirty to receive an invite? Well, these guys must have! But they knew what an honor it was and made the trek to see Jesus. And when they got there, they praised Him!

Discuss a time when you were honored to be somewhere. It could be a party invite or maybe you felt honored that God created it, like in nature. The point is to realize how sometimes we forget that we are His honored children.

GO DEEPER: Talk about a time when you were invited somewhere and didn’t feel like you belonged. I’m sure the shepherds felt that at the invite. But when they arrived, they knew that Jesus had come for them too.

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