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Family Connection – Summer Quest – Tower of Babel

In the car...

Memory Verse
Hebrews 4:12
Practice Link - t.ly/Iida

Today’s Lesson — Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel was a building project meant for selfish goals. The text is filled with “ourselves,” highlighting the point that the people were working for themselves and not for God. They wanted to build a tower that reached the sky!

As you’re driving, look at some tall buildings. Explain some of the processes that go into building something that tall (the plans, the measurements, etc.). It takes a lot of thorough and careful planning and focus. BUT, did they build it for the glory of God? Did they focus on God while they built it?

At home...

Read Genesis 11:1-9

The people were unified in building their city and tower. They worked hard and thought through certain things to make this amazing! They worked together because they all could communicate with one another.

Take a moment and build something together as a family. Use the same words to describe things. See how fast and strong you can build it. Then, try it while using big and/or nonsense words and see how fast and how strong you can do it. Discuss how a unified group can do things well when they work together. Talk about how strong we can be if we united for Christ!

Around the table...

God came down to see the city! He noticed that they were doing great things and they were doing it together. This is a good thing, right? Well, it is if the goal is great. This goal was not; it was for selfish reasons. They wanted to do it so they could make a name for themselves. They wanted to be recognized — “Let’s make a name for ourselves.”

God wants our focus. He wants our undivided attention. He wants a relationship with us! Discuss why He scattered them. Discuss how He wanted to confuse them to help them stay away from sin.

Go DEEPER: Talk about ways sin can spread. How does sin creep into our lives? How does it stay around?

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