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Family Connection – Triumphal Entry & Last Supper

Memory Verse: John 13:9

Challenge Verse: John 3:16
Practice Video: t.ly/BV-v

In the car...

This week’s lesson: The triumphal entry & the Last Supper

Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey. The King of Kings riding a humble donkey... As He entered, the people shouted, “Hosanna!” They praised Him as He entered the city. He came to the city to eat His final Passover meal. The path in this city was familiar to Him because He entered often, but this time the entrance was different.

Take a moment and discuss different feelings you have encountered entering familiar places.

At home...

Read John 12:12-19 and 13:1-17

Jesus told His disciples to go and prepare for the Passover feast. They went and got everything ready for the annual tradition. They had done this many times before and figured nothing would be different, but this time it was REALLY different.

As they were gathered, Jesus got up from the table and wrapped a towel around His waist. He then proceeded to wash their feet. This was unheard of because Jesus was their master. Jesus did this to show that He had humbled Himself and He was showing them how to love.

Take a moment and encourage one another. Maybe even wash each other’s feet while you share!

Around the table...

Jesus ate a lot with people! As you take a moment to discuss the Last Supper, prepare your table in such a way to take communion. We make special bread, get out the “communion juice,” and light a candle. As the dad (head of household), I share a quick little encouraging blessing to each member of my family. Then I read the passage Matthew 26:17-30.

Take a moment and discuss what this means, and talk as a family about what it means to follow Christ. Do not do communion if you feel uneasy about someone not following Christ. If you choose to not do the communion part, you can still share some encouraging words about your family.

GO DEEPER: Talk about why we do communion. Why did Jesus choose to do this during the Passover meal?

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