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Family Connection Week 1 - Genesis

Challenge Verse: Exodus 20:11

In the car...

Today's lesson - Genesis 1-2:2

Have the family look out their windows and pick out a couple of things they see. After they choose something ask if it’s something God created? Talk with them about the difference between what is manmade and God-made.

Discuss the many things we see and eat. The things that God has provided for us.

Ask them why they think God made these items (e.g. trees could be for shade, oxygen, etc.) Thank God for the many things He made for us.

At home...

Read Genesis 1-2:2

Talk about how God created people. Ask your family about how they imagine God and Adam would walk in the garden together. What would they talk about?

Ask your family what they would talk to God about if they walked in the garden with Him.

Pray and thank God for the relationship He has with us and to help us walk with Him everyday.

Around the table...

As you eat, ask questions about the food God gave Adam and Eve to eat.

Why do you think God created fruit to be eaten? Why did God create vegetables to grow from the ground? How do you think it must have tasted, fresh from the creation of God?

Discuss how God gave us the ability to grow more fruits and vegetables with their seeds. And how we can talk to others about God and plant seeds of faith with our faith. Thank God for the food that He gave us and our abilities to spread His goodness.

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Family Connection Week 2 - Genesis

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