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Family Connection - Week 22

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Jesus chooses his disciples

Challenge Verse
John 4:13-14
Weekly Verse
Matthew 4:19

Jesus traveled with his disciples. They traveled in a large group like a caravan. They would go to a town together and preach to that town.

When traveling in a caravan, it’s hard to keep up with the leader. Things get between you and the leader, like red lights, other cars, etc. Following Jesus is hard sometimes for the same reason — things get in the way. Then, before we know it, we can’t see our leader.

While discussing following Jesus, have the family find a car ahead of you and do their best to keep their eye on it. Discuss how hard it is and what got in their way. Or was it clear this time? Do this a couple times to get the full effect.

At home...

Read John 1:35-51; Matt. 4:18-22, 9:9-13; Mark 3:13-19

Jesus was traveling and John the Baptist saw him and started telling people who Jesus was! This was when Jesus’ first disciple, Andrew, spotted him and went to get his brother, Simon Peter.

Were you ever that excited to follow Jesus? Did you run out and tell your family about him? Discuss a time that you spoke to others about Jesus.

Nathanael was a bit unsure at first, but then Jesus revealed some of himself to Nathanael. Then Nathanael believed what was said about Jesus and followed him.

Discuss a time when maybe you were unsure about following Jesus’ plan. Talk about how Jesus revealed himself to you and how you overcame that doubt.

Around the table...

Jesus sent his 12 disciples to go and preach what they knew of Jesus. They followed him, learned from him, and did many things in his name.

We need to be like the disciples, going out and spending time with others and telling them about Jesus. Discuss a time when you shared Jesus with someone. Talk about your feelings. Were you nervous, excited, unsure of what to say, etc.? Discuss how it ended, or is it still happening?

Go DEEPER: Discuss a family plan on how you can encourage one another to share Jesus. Invite friends to church, invite them over for dinner to show Jesus...the options are endless. Then start sharing Jesus!

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