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Family Connection Week 28

In the car...

Challenge Verse
James 1:22
Weekly Verse
Matthew 14:19a

This week’s lesson: the feeding of the 5,000

Jesus was saddened and wanted to be alone for a moment. He had just heard some terrible news about John the Baptist. He travelled on a boat so that he could pray. Sometimes when we travel, we think about things. It helps clear our heads. Sometimes in the car when it’s silent, our mind is able to play, think, and we can begin to express our feelings. I know sometimes I day dream in the car because my mind is able to wander. Not while driving, of course.

Discuss your feelings at the moment — turn off the radio while talking.

At home...

Read Matthew 14:13-21

The people followed Jesus! He went away for a moment and everybody followed him. But Jesus did not send them away. Instead, he saw the opportunity to teach these people who wanted to listen to him. He also took the time to heal people from their sickness. As time went on, the disciples thought it wise to send the people away so the people could go home for food. BUT once again, Jesus showed compassion and told the disciples to gather the people around and feed them.

Discuss as a family a time that you followed after Jesus. Talk about what you learned.

Around the table...

Jesus told the disciples to feed the people gathered there. The 5,000 only represents the men there, not the women and children. I mean, there had to be close to 15,000 people there at the time. Can you imagine having a church potluck for 15,000 people? The disciples were probably thinking, There’s NO WAY to organize this, Jesus. So they had an idea of to gather food and split it up. BUT there were only 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.

Jesus gave thanks to his Father and served everyone and there were even leftovers. Discuss a time that you thought to yourself, Not gonna happen, but then you gave it to Jesus and he multiplied it for his glory.

Dig DEEPER: Talk as a family about the things that you might withhold from Jesus because you think he doesn’t have time, care, or it’s too small for him. We tend to choose the easy route (like sending the people home) and forget about how Jesus could use that opportunity to show his glory.

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