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Family Connection Week 30

Memory Verse:
Proverbs 17:17

We are in a bit of some uncharted waters and our children can feel the uneasiness, excitement or any other feelings we might have during this time. As Pastor Marc discussed today, these times bring out our need for relationships. Our children need us to simply explain these times and how it affects them. They are probably really excited about their parents being home and being away from school, but this will only last for a moment until they begin to miss their friends and get bored with the things they have at home. This is when “cabin fever” sets in and our relationships can become very fragile.

Take a moment and think about your relationship as a family. Think about how you can take a pause in the day and build a deeper relationship together. Think of simple games or simple activities your children(ren) enjoy. Then give them a portion of your day and enjoy those activities with each other. One idea would be to write your child(ren) a letter of encouragement, hide it somewhere, and give them clues to find it. Then have them write you a letter, hide it, and give you clues to find it. Do this as many times as it takes to make sure everyone in the family receives a letter of encouragement.

Dig Deeper: Our children need to experience their friends during this time. Talk about healthy ways they can play games with their friends using our phones. Give them an appropriate time limit. And don’t forget about yourself! Try to allow yourself some “me” time — not work but friend time.

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