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Family Connection Week 31

Memory Verse:
Psalm 90:1

We have sheltered in our homes as families for about week now and I can surely say it has felt like fooorrreeevvveerrr. I was chatting with somebody about the date and I was fully convinced that this past Wednesday was April 1st and that we had been in our homes now for 2, possibly 3, weeks. NOPE - I was completely wrong. It's only been 1 WEEK! Pastor Marc talked about how God is an eternal God, never changing or wavering, for our sake. He is the standard by which we live. Because He is unchanging and eternal, we have a connection to those before us, with us, and those that will come. He brings us a constant that we can lean on for stability. During these times where time seems to pass without notice, God is there with a full understanding and vivid view of what's happening.

In Psalm 90:1 Moses mentions that God is our dwelling place. Have you felt that recently? That God is your dwelling place? During those homeschool lesson plans that fall apart faster than a roll of cheap TP? We need that dwelling place and we need to know that it is constant and never changing. We need His strong arms of love wrapped around us and we need to recognize His eternal presence.

Take a moment everyday this week and talk about how you see God throughout the day! Look at the positive points in your day and focus on those.

Dig Deeper: Share those times as a family that might be hard. Discuss how you need help relying on God for the tough moments during this time

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Family Connection Week 32
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Thursday, 30 June 2022

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