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Family Connection Week 32

Memory Verse:
Luke 18:33a

We have sheltered in our homes now for a couple of weeks, and I don't know about you, but I can feel my nerves on edge a little more often than normal. I can feel that cabin fever creeping in slowly from the background. I love being at home with my family, playing games with them, cooking for them, teaching them. But lurking in the background is this feverish edge and every now and again it seeps out. This seems to be happening with all of us -- we give lots of love, but there are some days that it seems we need a bit of extra space and a ton more grace.

Cabin fever shows a bit differently in everybody. For some of us, it is showing with a quickened temper; for others, it is showing a sense of retreat; and some have even shown it physically by being tired or having achy "stress" muscles. No matter how it's showing in you or your family, we all need a little more grace and mercy. As Pastor Marc speaks on the mercy of Jesus, he points out a couple of facts on mercy: Jesus gave us all mercy by accepting the painful road to the cross; he did that for each and everyone of us; he knew this time would be rougher for him but he chose to accept it for us.; he knew the crowd would cheer for him and then a couple days later jeer at him; he also knew that we would ALL need to share that mercy to ourselves and our family during this time.

Take a moment and choose a time from this past week and share when you needed more grace. Then try to give more grace to yourself and your family this week.

Dig Deeper: Pray everyday for one another by name and for a specific need for mercy.

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