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Family Connection Week 34

Memory Verse:
Philippians 1:4

This week after Resurrection Sunday has been a fun one, reflecting on Jesus' gift of salvation and peace! I pray that you are doing well during this time and are getting some fresh air, as the weather is bright and sunny. I know many of you are missing your friends and that physical relationship with them. I just want to say that we are here for you. Send us a message so that we can pray for you. We are in this time together. Though some have different circumstances, we are all a part of this uncharted journey. I know some are having a hard time with missing students and friends. Remember, we are here for you!

Pastor Marc discussed Paul's time in Philippi in today's message. He talked about friendship and relationships with one another. He spoke about writing letters of thanks and encouragement to one another, just as Paul did for the church of Philippi. The people of Philippi did not treat Paul and Silas well in the beginning. When Paul wrote the letter, he chose to remember the positive times he had in their city and to encourage them to be a strong church, one with strong ties to one another, and partners in Christ! Partners...that's what we are -- brothers and sisters in Christ, people who can band together with the love of CHRIST! Paul urged us to remember that God has started something in us and He will complete that work in us. God has got everything in His control!

Take a moment and discuss some positive things that have grown out of this uncharted journey! I call these "markers" -- times that I would like to remember. Share your "markers" and expand this conversation to others so you can be a guiding light for your friends.

Dig Deeper: Write a letter of blessing to somebody. Tell them what you enjoy about them and encourage them in their strengths. Share a "marker" you have with them! Brighten their week with MAIL!

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An Update from Pastor Marc
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