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Family Connection Week 36

Memory Verse:
Philippians 2:4

Well, this week our allergies have just sent us to the moon! I don't know about you, but when the wind comes and my allergies are at their peak, my nerves get on edge! It feels like they are vibrating nonstop and nothing can get them under control. Usually when this happens, I tend to be a little on edge and get a little more angry at the people that are around me. Right now, I am around my family ALL the time, and we are playing a lot of games. When we play those games and I don't have my allergies under control, that is a bad mix! I tend to become a VERY SORE LOSER and not very easy to be around -- a little selfcentered, if you will.

Pastor Marc discusses humility today. Paul calls us to be humble and that we should see others as better than us. That doesn't mean we are below them; it just means that we need to consider them before ourselves. We need to serve them before ourselves. We should fill their needs while putting ours on the back burner. Again, it doesn't mean to lower ourselves to a door mat and get walked on; it means "be kind and humble." To fill each other up with love is hard when we have a single perspective, a "ME" perspective.

In our home, we observe a sabbath day. During this day, our goal is to fill each others' love tanks. We each make a list of things we'd like to do that day (e.g. ride bikes, play a board game, take a nap, read a book, etc.). We don't guarantee that everything will happen, but we try to do a couple things off everybody's list as a family. Now, here's the kicker: the goal is to look at somebody else's list and try to complete something WITH them!

I suggest to find a day in your schedule that you can keep this going even after the "shelter-in-place" is lifted and make that day your sabbath day -- a day of rest and a day to lift each other up higher than yourself. Do special things on this day to fill each other up! There are many ways to do this, so do it how it fits your family. Make it special and make it purposeful. "Be Humble and Be Kind."

Dig Deeper: Create an ongoing list and try to lift someone up DAILY! Have everybody make a list and display those lists so that everyone can see.

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An Update from Pastor Marc
An Update from Pastor Marc

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