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Family Connection Week 5 - Genesis

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Genesis 6-9:17

Challenge Verse
Psalm 119:73
Weekly Verse
Genesis 6:22

Look at the different cars on the road - big ones, small ones. Discuss how many people could fit comfortably in your car. Talk about how many could SQUEEZE into your car. Discuss how God gave Noah exact measurements for the ark so that Noah and his family, along with two of every animal, would be able to fit, just like your car is built for an exact amount of people.

What if Noah didn’t follow God’s plan? What if the maker of your car didn't? Could you imagine riding around squished in your car with a bunch of animals?! Discuss how following God’s plan is important even when we don’t know what it will be in the end.

At home...

Read Genesis 6-9:17

Noah was the only righteous one in God’s eyes! What does that even mean? It means that while everybody was doing their own thing, Noah was making good decisions and living for God. Discuss how hard that can be at times. Talk about school, work, the store, etc. and how we can see people not living for God.

Discuss ways that we can live for God in all the different places in our life. Noah wasn’t running around telling people they were wrong; he was living as an example and God chose him to build the ark.

Around the table...

In the story God said he remembered Noah. He remembered that he would save him and keep him safe.

Make a promise at the beginning of the meal. Make it something you can keep and reward right away.

Discuss promises and why we should keep them. Talk about promises not being kept and how people would begin to lose trust in us. Tell a story of when somebody forgot a promise and how that made you feel. Talk about a promise that was kept and how that made you feel. Don’t forget your promise (winky face).

Go DEEPER: Discuss a promise in the family that wasn’t kept. Discuss one that was!

Download Devotion
Soar #5: Eagles Live on High Ground
Family Connection Week 4 - Genesis

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