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Graduation Season


Very soon, graduation season will be upon us. A new batch of college grads will walk across the stage, and high school graduates will ready themselves for the next phase of life. Some of these newly-minted graduates will face academic situations where it is assumed that to be “smart” is to reject the idea of God and His love for us.

That is why I was recently so moved by the “Testimony” section of April’s “Christianity Today” magazine. It featured the salvation testimony of Professor Rosalind Picard, a professor at M.I.T. and founder and president of the “Affective Computing Research Group” at that institution.

Here are some of her words…
“As early as grade school…I identified with being smart. And I believed that smart people did not need religion. As a result, I declared myself an atheist and dismissed people who believed in God as uneducated.”

She goes on to say that in high school she babysat for a couple whom she consider to be really sharp, and she was shocked when one day they asked her if she would attend church with them. She says that she was stunned to see that smart people (he was a doctor) actually went to church. She made excuse after excuse for why she could not come, and eventually they changed tactics and challenged her to read the Bible. She remarks, “If I wanted to be an educated person, I needed to read the bestselling book of all time.”

This simple challenge resulted in her reading the book of Proverbs and finding it full of wisdom. She then went on to buy a contemporary language Bible of her own and read it from cover to cover. It was during her freshman year in college that she re-connected with a friend whom she considered to be the smartest person she knew, and once again she found him to be a believer and she was invited to church. This time she went.

She says…
“The sermon prompted questions. I started to raise my hand while the pastor spoke before I realized that everyone else was sitting quietly.”

God was working in her life. She started attending Bible classes (where she could ask questions) and soon she prayed, “Jesus, You be the Lord of my life.” After that simple prayer she says, “…it was as if a flat, black and white existence turned full color and three dimensional.”

She ends the testimony this way:
“I once thought I was too smart to believe in God. Now I know I was an arrogant fool who snubbed the greatest Mind in the cosmos-the Author of all science, mathematics, art, and everything else there is to know. Today I walk humbly, having received the most undeserved grace.”

Graduates, keep that in mind when you begin to encounter those who consider themselves too smart for God and want you to go on that road. God is greater than our questions and has the answers we all are looking for.

Congratulations and God bless.
Pastor Marc

Trust Him

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Monday, 02 August 2021

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