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Myths about Volunteering

At Quail, we are totally dependent on our wonderful volunteers for the excellent ministry for the Lord that takes place on the campus and beyond, week after week. But I am aware that there are a few myths about volunteering that need to be dispelled, so that many more of us can participate in a way that blesses the Lord and brings us joy.

Myth #1 – There are not enough volunteers to go around.

I believe that the Lord has brought to Quail just the right amount of people to engage in the ministry and serve Him with excellence. To make sure that we see the maximum mobilization, however, leaders have to make sure that we invest the right value in volunteering. Sometimes people don’t serve because they do not perceive there to be a need, or have taken a break from past service and have not been approached to be involved again. Leaders, raise the level of value for those in your ministry and pray like crazy that the Lord will allow us to see potential volunteers who are under-mobilized and allow them to serve.

Myth #2 – Volunteers only do the “busy work” of church ministry.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s take the Elder Board for an example. That is the board that I work with which is responsible for the overall oversight of the church program. They decide on policy and budget recommendations, exert spiritual discipline when needed, and much more. Every one of them is a volunteer. Another example would be our teachers in the Bible classes for kids and adults. Nothing is more important than the right teaching of the Word, and all of them are volunteers! As I said, if it were not for these and the many other volunteers, the work of the church would cease.

Myth #3 – Volunteers want to serve in one role for a lifetime.

I realize that very few volunteers hit the jackpot the first time they try serving. That is why we have the “Explore and See” program. In this program, you can try something for a while in an uncommitted fashion, and then if it seems to be a good fit, you can stay. If not, you can try something else. We want you, as a volunteer, to be in a role that you love and one that brings you joy!

Myth #4 – Volunteering is all output and no input.

Volunteering for the cause of Christ will not diminish the quality of your life. It will not be just one more burden on your back. Volunteerism done right, biblically and wisely, will do precisely the opposite. It will positively transform the life of the volunteer, and will turn into the most joy-producing, spiritually enriching opportunity in life. Volunteering for the cause of Christ grows faith, builds relationships and clarifies life commitments in the light of eternity. Like we say, “People who GO, grow!”

A great big thank you to all the volunteers here at Quail. And if you want to get involved, but do not know how to start, shoot me an email and we will begin a dialogue about how you can get involved.

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