Dear Quail,

The time has come for us to open the campus up for limited numbers of people to attend live services starting Sunday, June 14, 2020.

Allow me to take a moment and extend a word of thanks to the staff of QLBC for their extra efforts over this time. I especially want to thank John Welsh, Brandon Smith and Genevieve Palafox for their “over and above” efforts as it relates to our media and the establishment of the new “live stream” capabilities.

As we return to “in person” services, the County Board of Health guidelines have placed us in a very limited capacity situation. We will only be allowed to seat 100 people in the main Sanctuary. Thus, we have established three “video venue” overflow alternatives for you. You will be able to watch the service on a large screen in the Activity Center, the Attic (3rd floor E-Building) and in what we are calling at outside “lawn chair venue” in the courtyard. All of these video venues will have limited capacity as we will need to abide by the 6ft distance seating guidelines. 

You will be required to bring your own lawn chair for the outdoor venue if that is what you choose. This outdoor venue may work well for families who wish to spread a blanket and be together as a household as they worship.

New Schedule:
The service times will be 8:30 am Traditional/Blended and 11:15 am Contemporary format. There will be no Children’s Ministry and no Adult Sunday Bible Studies. I encourage many of you to self-select attendance at the 8:30 service in that with many of our older saints vulnerable to COVID-19, they will stay home and there will be room in that time slot (just a suggestion). As you return, you will find greeters and ushers who will help you with the new guidelines. 

Here is what you will find when you come:
The external doors will remain closed until ½ hour prior to each service. Thus, they will open at 8 am and 10:45 am.  This will allow the ushers to count the congregation to ensure compliance with health guidelines.

Here are some details:

Regarding our online livestream options:
We will continue to livestream both the 8:30 and 11:15 am services. I realize that with no children’s or youth ministries open, and the remaining concern for protection against COVID-19, many of you will stay home and take advantage of those online services. 

(Note we will not be streaming at 10 am any longer. The services will be streamed in real times as they happen, 8:30 am and 11:15 am.)   

We will continue to encourage you to give online by clicking here, or mail your tithes and offerings to  “QLBC, P. O. Box 7955, Stockton CA 95267.” Please pray that with these efforts, and your care, we will be safe as we gather and that our worship is a blessing to many and glorifying to the Lord.

In other news:

Our church office is now open 8am-Noon, Monday through Friday. Feel free to contact us on the main church phone number, (209) 951-7380.

On June 19, we will be discontinuing our “Contact and Care” phone contact process for our senior members. Thank you very much for all the volunteers who have been making those calls over the past couple of months.

Tomorrow (Saturday, June 13) at 9 am, there is an usher and greeter meeting to prepare for the resumption of “In Person” worship. I hope that all our ushers and greeters can be there. 

His and Yours,
Dr. Marc Maffucci