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Soar #10: Eagles Have Two Sets of Eyes


The eagle is the strongest animal in the kingdom, and has an eyesight estimated 4-8 times stronger than a human. Did you know that the eagle has two sets of eyes and three eyelids? Eagles’ eyes have very sharp focus and accurate perception, especially when they are about to attack their prey. Not even a storm can affect the sight of the eagle. As Christians we also have two sets of eyes. The first set is our normal, natural eye, which we use to see the world as it is. Our second set of eyes is the eyes of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God, the third person of the trinity. (Acts 5:3-4) He dwells inside of us, as we are the people of God. He is our helper, our comforter and our counselor. HE is our gift from God.

Part of the ministry of the Holy Spirit is the sanctification of the saints. Our spiritual eyes are opened in a whole new dimension when we are in a sanctification season. We become completely new inside and out and we see God’s love in a completely different perspective.

When we endure suffering, the Holy Spirit works the character of Christ into our very being. Scripture reminds us that God is love. But, if we stop and really think about it, Jesus suffered, and He suffered for a very long time.

When I think about how I suffered, and am still suffering from loss, disappointments, trials and tribulations of many kinds, my spiritual eyes have allowed me to see and feel the love of Jesus. I often think, if I would have responded with my natural eyes instead of my faith, would the fruit of the Holy Spirit be prevalent in how I navigate through this season of my suffering? He sends His love to us through others, people just like you and I. Suffering and enduring shows us how Christ-like we are -vs- how we claim to be. I could see through my spiritual eyes that the Lord was transforming my heart to be more like His. He who dwells on the inside of me is perfecting me, and my spiritual eyes are showing me who I am in Him. My journey of suffering is not over, but it is helping me to see and relate to the suffering of others. My journey has opened my spiritual eyes to not only have a better understanding of myself but others as well. As I have thought about my own life and searched deep inside my soul, my view of suffering has gone to a deeper level and has allowed me to see others’ hearts through spiritual eyes, the eyes if Christ.

As you grow closer to the Lord you will begin to see and understand Scripture differently. You will begin to see what God wants you to see through His eyes, His point of view and His perspective. You will begin to see the truth, which sets us free. We have spiritual eyes to help us discern through and beyond natural reasoning. Our spiritual eyes help us to be fervent, passionate servants of God who stand firmly for Christ. Our spiritual eyes help us to see the vision that Christ has laid out for our life. Ask God to open your spiritual eyes and reveal to you what He wants you to see.

Debra Ellison-Jones,
Women’s Commission

Bloom Where You Are Quarantined
Family Connection Week 33

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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