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Sun, Apr 17, 2022
Series: The King
Duration: 20 mins
Teaching: The King Is Raised from the Dead | Key concept: The counterfeit king's tyranny is defeated, King Jesus is alive.
Fri, Apr 15, 2022
Series: The King
Duration: 16 mins
Teaching: The King and the Centurion
Sun, Apr 10, 2022
Series: The King
Duration: 27 mins
Teaching: The King arrives | Key concept: Self-centered priorities will cause us to miss what the King is doing.
Sun, Apr 03, 2022
Duration: 27 mins
Teaching: The Humility of Jesus | Key concept: Influenced
Sun, Mar 27, 2022
Teaching: Bearing and Sharing | Key concept: Kill conceit so that you can help others.
Sun, Mar 20, 2022
Duration: 28 mins
Teaching: “The Spirit’s Harvest” | Key concept: Let the Spirit reap His harvest in you.
Sun, Mar 13, 2022
Duration: 26 mins
Teaching:"Once Slaves, Now Family" | Key concept: "Believers are adopted into the family of God and heirs to the promise."
Sun, Mar 06, 2022
Duration: 26 mins
Teaching:"The Galatians' Folly" | Key concept: There is no such thing as a gift you must earn
Sun, Feb 27, 2022
Duration: 22 mins
Teaching: “Crucified With Christ” | Key concept: The guilt of our sin has been nailed to the cross.
Sun, Feb 20, 2022
Teaching: “Paul Defends The Gospel (and Himself) | Key concept: You do not need to add anything to the grace of God.